Emotions - Ephesians 4:32

May 11, 2023    Pastor Mike Fanning

When sinners like you and I are involved in relationships there is always going to be a need to give and receive forgiveness! In family and in friendships we are going to say and do things that hurt others. God demonstrated His love for us in Christ by providing the forgiveness of all our sins. Then He calls us to go forth and be forgivers! Take some time to check your heart and see if there is someone you need to forgive or someone you need to ask forgiveness from. And then humbly, as a sinner forgiven by God’s grace, forgive them! And if you are the offender humble go and ask for their forgiveness. You might be shocked at how God uses this to restore and revitalize your relationships.


PRAY: Lord, I praise You for the forgiveness You have given me through the cross of Christ! How I need You to give me the humility and courage to give and receive that same forgiveness to others. I cannot afford to wait until I feel like it. Lord, I must chose to do it in obedience to your word. Amen.