chapel worship

“Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully and shout for joy!” -Psalm 33:3


The Chapel Worship Ministry exists to create an environment and culture of worship that helps people Believe, Grow, Serve, and Change Their Worlds. We accomplish this through 5 core values in our corporate worship:


Foundational to our worship is being faithful to God's word in the praise we lift up to Him. 


It is our goal to provide a dynamic worship environment that all can participate in worship as one voice!


Our worship style is designed to be encouraging and modern. Many of the songs will be familiar if you listen to Christian radio, as well as new arrangements of classic hymns.


We seek to be excellent in all that we do so that we will bring glory to God. We believe excellent work is both an act of worship and a bridge of credibility to show others the character of God.


Joy is both a gift from God and a response to the gifts of God. It is not based on our circumstances but is anchored in the One who never changes. Therefore, we seek to share the joy of the Lord in all that we do. We design our worship services to be an experience and a reflection of the gift of joy we have been given.

Teams & Ensembles

Vocal Team

Large Vocal Ensemble
Our vocal team enhances our worship services with a dynamic blend of voices. Volunteers participate once or more each month.


Vocal Leadership Team
The Vocal Leadership Team uses their gifts to glorify God and lead our congregation in worship.


Seasonal Ensemble
Volunteers for our full choir participate in special celebrations throughout the year like our  Easter & Christmas services.


Praise & Worship
Our dedicated team of volunteers participate in a weekly rotation on guitars, bass, keys & drums.


Strings, Winds & Percussion
Our faithful and talented orchestra team volunteers play in our worship set one or more times each month.

Production Team

Audio, Video & Lighting
The production team is an incredible serving opportunity to worship God through your talents of audio, video, lighting & more.