Remembrance - 2 Peter 3:1-2

May 17, 2023    Pastor Mike Fanning

One of the great truths and promises that Christians are constantly reminded to focus on is the blessed hope of the return of our Savior Jesus Christ. Peter prompts us to give honest, diligent mental attention to this ultimate future event that both the Old Testament prophets and the Lord Jesus himself consistently pointed to. And we must constantly remember the truth of His future coming because this serves as a major motivational force in our living passionately for Him today! Because what we do today counts for eternity! And whatever troubles we face today will not last forever because Jesus is coming back. 

PRAY: Lord Jesus, thank you for telling us how the story ends! Thank you that the end of the story is actually a beautiful, eternal new beginning! Thank you that the relationship we have with You now by faith will one day be face to face! Amen.