Emotions - Ephesians 4:31

May 10, 2023    Pastor Josh Lewis

There are some actions that Paul tells us no longer fit with the new life we have in Christ. We shouldn't just reduce the frequency of these things, we need to cut out ALL instances of them. These traits are incompatible with Christian character, and Paul says stop it! If we allow these actions to persist in our lives we damage our relationships and harm those around us. Margin with our emotional energy is displayed in our relationships. Put off the actions of the old self, and it will reflect in healthier relationships.

PRAY: God, we praise you for the miracle of new life you give us in Christ. We confess the times that we allow the old self of anger, bitterness, or any of these evil behaviors to enter our lives. Give us the strength to put away all of these behaviors and be more and more like Christ each day. In Jesus name, Amen.