Remembrance - Psalm 25:7

May 16, 2023    Pastor Josh Lewis

Do you ever find it difficult to reflect on your past because it reminds you of a difficulty you went through or a mistake you made? In this Psalm, Davis pleads for God’s forgiveness, and he asks God to not see his past sins but instead see him through God’s loving kindness and forgiveness. We should remember and reflect on the past, but focus on the Lord’s goodness to forgive us and to give us a hope and future.

PRAY: God, as we make margin in our lives for reflection and remembrance, help us not to dwell on our past mistakes, but instead to see the hope and future you’ve shaped us for through these trials. Lord, we praise you for your goodness and we thank you for your forgiveness even when we don’t deserve it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.