Remembrance - Joshua 3:5

May 19, 2023    Pastor Mike Fanning

Christians are people who are saved and set apart for the purposes of God! But too often we end up not living up to those purposes. There is a time when we need to put the breaks on in life and rededicate ourselves fully to God. Instead of going to God with our agenda we surrender ourselves anew to His agenda. This consecration is a prerequisite to being used mightily by God, of seeing Him do wonders in and through your life. 


PRAY: Lord God, I am all yours! You purchased me through the blood of Jesus and my life is no longer my own. So I offer myself up to You again. You have set me apart for your purposes and I am here for my God given mission! Shape me, use me, empower me to love others with Your love and point them to Jesus in all that I do. Amen.