Dominican Republic

Join us as we travel to the Caribbean Mountain Academy in Jarabacoa, DR. The Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) is a school for troubled youth operated by Lifeline/ Crosswinds International. At the CMA, young men and women who are lost are given a structure and foundation to help them find a better path for their lives. More importantly these young people experience the loving hands of Christ through full-time staff members that have dedicated their lives to this cause. As part of their program, each year a group of young women and young men embark on a 5-day, physically demanding hike to conquer the highest mountain in the Caribbean; the Pico Duarte Mountain. We have been blessed with the opportunity to send a team of men and a team of women to participate with these students and CMA staff on this crucible event.

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we understand how much we have been blessed. And most of us can pinpoint the moment; the sermon, the devotional, the scripture, or most likely the person that came alongside us at a critical time in our lives… The ‘domino’ that God placed in our path that forever changed our direction and got us closer to His purpose for our lives.

As disciples of Christ, we also understand this was not done just for our benefit. Jesus’s final command was for us to love one another (John 15:17). What better way to share the love and the grace that was freely given to us than to walk, literally, alongside young men and women; desperate for a new direction. What better way to share blessings we have been afforded than to walk alongside CMA staff that has sacrificed so much to help the next generation of Christ followers!

Do you love physical, mental, and spiritual challenges? Do you have a passion for helping the most ‘at risk’ of our society? Are you ready to share in a difficult but rewarding journey that will help make you comfortable with being uncomfortable? Then consider joining either our men’s or women’s team for the next Go! Crosswinds mission trip!
If you have questions or want more information on how you can become involved, please email [email protected]