What is discipleship walk?

The Discipleship Walk is a three-day weekend (no hiking involved) designed to give followers of Jesus an opportunity to take a break from regular routines and everyday life in order to experience the love of God in a new and fresh way. It is the goal of the Discipleship Walk to lead each person into an actively growing relationship with Christ where they will become more intentional and mature in their faith so that each individual can make a difference for Christ in his or her world.

When Can I go?

The weekends run from Thursday night (beginning at 5:30 pm with a send-off dinner) through Sunday, returning to Fort Wayne mid-afternoon. We ask that if you plan to attend a walk, that you commit to the entire weekend.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just fill out the registration form at The Chapel or click the registration link below! Questions? Call Susie Blaugh at (260) 625-6200

What is the Cost?

Discipleship Walk Pricing

Now through October 31st:
50% off full registration - $75

November 1st-January 31st
25% off full registration - $112.50

February 1st-DW weekends
Full price - $150

Next Steps

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