our 5 values


We are committed to the authority and sufficiency of the Bible, God’s Word. We believe that the Bible is God’s story written under His inspiration. The Bible helps us to know the mind of God and the heart of God and His plans and purposes for mankind and the world. Therefore, everything we do as a church is centered on the truth of God’s Word.


One of our roles as a church is to help God’s Word come alive. The best ways to do that is to communicate practically in ways that affect individuals in their real world environment. Our goal is to connect God’s Word to today’s issues, thus meeting people where they are with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


God created us to be in relationships with others. Therefore, we hold our relationships with people more important than our own agendas, programs, and desires. We believe God grows us most in the context of community. Thus, in all of our ministries, we will create environments that foster relationships.


God both deserves our best and desires our best: the best of our time, abilities, and energy – our best thinking, best caring, and best efforts. Therefore, we seek to be excellent in all that we do so that we will bring glory to God. We believe excellent work is both an act of worship and a bridge of credibility to show others the character of God.


Joy is both a gift from God and a response to the gifts of God. It is not based on our circumstances but is anchored in the One who never changes. Therefore, we seek to share the joy of the Lord in all that we do. We design our worship services to be an experience and a reflection of the gift of joy we have been given.

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