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Upward Sports is a positive sports experience that offers both parents and kids exactly what they want in a sports league. Parents love the family-friendly schedule, welcoming environment, and coaches who teach the sport in a postivie atmosphere.

Kids love the fact that they get to play or cheer every game, make new friends, and have fun learning skills that will last a lifetime. For more information contact The Chapel at 260.625.6200

Upward's Registration

This Upward Basketball and Cheer 2019 season, we are trying something new! Please join us this season by clicking on the correct link. If these divisions are not filled, we will convert to the traditional divisions. Please note, 2nd/3rd-grade CHEER will be combined, but you can sign up under either link.

*Please note, if you are registering more than one child, and they are in different divisions, just pay the adjusted cost for the 2nd (or 3rd, etc) child on the new registration, if you are paying online. EX: 2nd/3rd boys 1st child = $75.00, 5-1st child = $65.00 (pay the $65.00). If paying me, just adjust payment accordingly.

5-year old-1st-grade boys and girls and cheer Register Here
2nd/3rd-grade GIRLS and cheer Register Here
2nd/3rd-grade BOYS and cheer Register Here
4th/5th-grade GIRLS Register Here
4th/5th-grade BOYS Register Here

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