Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care



There may be times when you want The Chapel staff and other caring individuals to pray for you or persons you know and love. When that time comes, call Debbie, Ministry Assistant, 625-6200, ext. 3226. If you would like to be part of a prayer team contact The Chapel at 260.625.6200


At times, almost everyone finds it necessary to seek help in crisis. Pastoral Care Services provides aid through short-term counseling and/or referral to other support agencies. If you need assistance in crisis, call Gary Endersby, Associate Pastor, 625-6200, ext. 3228.



The Chapel provides its resources and personnel to The Chapel family for weddings. Specifically, it will provide:
1) a place for the ceremony
2) a minister
3) a wedding coordinator and
4) a pre-marital counseling program.

Limitations do apply. For more information, please refer to the Wedding FAQ.

If you want to schedule your wedding at The Chapel, contact Gary Endersby, Associate Pastor, 625-6200, ext. 3228 for an appointment.



The death of a loved one is always a difficult time in the life of any family. For attendees, The Chapel provides the comfort of the pastoral staff at the time of death, assistance with funeral arrangements, the conducting of the funeral and graveside services, and compassionate follow-up. Contact Gary Endersby, Associate Pastor, 625-6200, ext. 3228.


Did you know that GriefShare can help those who have lost a loved one? This can be a very confusing time when people feel isolated and have so many questions about new experiences. To help you face these challenges and move forward to rebuild your life, come and share with others who are making the same journey. We will begin a new session on Monday, January 11, at 6:30 in room 155. Enter through door #11. Call Debbie at 625-6200 to sign up, or email her at



When individual or families struggle to provide shelter, food, and clothing for themselves and family members, assistance and referral may be provided by Pastoral Care Services. Completion of a client application and an interview are required. For more information, contact The Chapel at 260.625.6200


The pastoral staff and other helpers provide regular visits and comfort to those persons who are in area hospitals and nursing homes. The pastors also provide visits and communion to shut-ins unable to attend regular worship services. If you or a family member want to receive a visit from a pastor or helper, call Gary Endersby, Associate Pastor, 625-6200, ext. 3228.

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Blood Pressure Screenings

The Health Ministry of The Chapel offers free blood pressure screenings upon request Monday through Thursday from 8:30-4:30pm. An experienced health professional is available to answer health related questions at that time as well. Feel free to call 625-6200 to let us know you are interested in taking advantage of this valuable service and to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

Living the Daniel Plan Lifestyle

Living the Daniel Plan Lifestyle Ministry was designed to help individuals successfully make significant, sustainable changes to their food choices, fitness, and focus with the help of caring, informed individuals who themselves are successfully navigating significant changes in these areas. Please check out our link below for additional information. For more information contact Susie Blaugh at 260.625.6200

LIVING THE DANIEL PLAN LIFESTYLE will meet next on Monday, October 12, at 6:15 p.m. Come for the workout and stay at 7:00 for our Living The Daniel Plan Lifestyle workshop where Suz Blaugh will share helpful tips for healthy living. For more information contact The Chapel at 260.625.6200

Recycle Used Items

The Chapel continuously accepts all makes, models and conditions of cell phones, chargers, batteries, accessories and pagers as well as any used eyeglasses or hearing aids that you no longer use. We donate these to our area Lions Club to be reconditioned for use by those in need in Third World countries.

In addition we collect and repurpose used plastic water bottles for our laundtry soap Go-Day project as well as plastic bags which we repurpose into sleeping mats for the homeless.

You may bring your donations, whenever it is convenient for you, to the Information Tables in the Sanctuary Foyer or the Welcome Center in the Tower Foyer. Thank you for helping us to change our world through the gift of donation!

Visiting Important Persons

The V.I.P. Ministry is The Chapel’s visitation ministry for more home oriented individuals.The Chapel believes that every person is important.  If you would be interested in sharing the love of Christ with others through the gift of visitation or you are someone who would benefit by scheduled visitations, please contact  The Chapel at 260.625.6200. Communion is available upon request by contacting Pastor Gary Endersby at 625-6200 x 3226.

Ask about the Sunshine Network Radio when you call if you are interested in Gospel music as well.

Wellness From Within-Cancer Support

Wellness From Within (WFW) is a unique ministry for men and women who are dealing with cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Our primary focus is to come alongside those with cancer, their caregivers, and loved ones to offer hope and practical tips as they navigate through their journey with cancer. The WFW team is comprised of cancer survivors and health care professionals. In our seasons of uncertainty on thing is certain…“Hope is happening here!”For more information contact Susie Blaugh at 260.625.6200

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