Change Your World blueprint


We believe Jesus provides a blueprint for changing our world with His gospel.

He tells the story of a wealthy landowner who planned to take a long trip. Before he left, he entrusted three reliable servants with his assets. In his absence, two of the three servants invested and doubled the landowner’s assets. The third servant buried his assets in a hole to keep them secure. Upon his return, the landowner was pleased with the first two servants and entrusted them with much more responsibility. However, he was thoroughly disgusted with the third servant for not investing his assets for a profit. In Matthew 25, Jesus clearly illustrates, through this business scenario, how He expects the church to approach Kingdom work.

From this story, The Chapel has developed a 3-point strategy:

  • Think like an Investor.
  • Go like a Servant.
  • Celebrate like an Owner.

Think Like an investor

Just as the landowner expected his servants to seek a return on what he entrusted to them, so also Jesus is expecting us to have an impact with what He has entrusted to us. He may not have given us bags of money, but he has uniquely shaped each of us with innate abilities, passions and giftedness. He has also given each of us the time to invest for kingdom gains. The Chapel does not merely give money to missionaries or ministry organizations. We invest it. Like an investor, we track the impact of our financial investments in ministries around the world. We actively work with our partners to maximize the impact of the money we send and the teams that go. Consequently, we adjust our levels of investment with partners based on the returns.

Our two primary types of investments are financial gifts and volunteer hours.

The Chapel’s financial investment is set by our leadership team. From the beginning, The Chapel has allocated at least 10% of the church budget to mission activity. The leadership team is aggressively moving that percentage to 15%. We view our Change Your World annual budget like we would view a retirement account. We desire to keep it intentionally balanced with all of our mission priorities. A {PDF dashboard} of our budget can be viewed by following the link.

The time that volunteers put into serving our partners and going on trips is viewed from an investor’s mindset. We believe the greatest asset people give The Chapel is their time, not their money. Therefore, we want to steward it and realize the greatest return on their volunteer hours. Ensuring that time is spent in meaningful work is a top priority.

The Chapel’s goal for our financial and time investments is to advance the mission of our partner organizations.

Go Like a servant

The landowner’s faith was in trustworthy servants. At The Chapel, we look for individuals to invest in who are humble and focused on the needs of other people or “others-centered.” When we invest in those individuals, the results follow.

We believe that our partners are the experts, and we desire to serve them. Specifically, all our teams are encouraged to take on the attitude of Jesus found in Philippians 2. We describe it as “my perspective is always incomplete; it is just a matter of degree.” Therefore, our partners “complete” our perspective.

To go like a servant influences us in two ways:

First, our primary objective is to serve our partners. Missionaries often report that teams create more work for them and provide few benefits to the mission work being done. The team may benefit, but their benefit comes at the expense of the trip hosts. The Chapel wants to ensure that teams work on the partner’s agenda and focuses our impact on what the partner desires. We offer to help do mundane tasks that support their staff or future teams that may come. We have found that partners begin to trust us with other problems they are facing. This allows opportunities to use creative and strategic thinking to solve problems. The Chapel also keeps a larger percentage of the Change Your World budget undesignated to financially assist partners at the speed of life, to help with any unexpected needs that arise. Follow the link below to see a list of our partners

Second, we desire to maintain active relationships with our partners. We want to know how we can pray for them and encourage them. We care about their spiritual vitality and relational health. As servants, we want to foster their long-term service. Often this support involves refreshment and rest. This part of The Chapel’s partnering strategy realizes a significant return on our investments.

Celebrate like a owner

When the landowner returned, he invited the servants to celebrate with him. At The Chapel, we celebrate for four primary reasons as we change our world:

First, we celebrate that we get to join God in His work. He does not need us to transform lives, but He does invite us to join Him. When we recognize where He is already at work, we find the most to celebrate.

Second, we celebrate the ways that He uses us to change our world. The stories that returning teams share point to God’s behind-the-scenes work as He accomplishes His work through us.

Third, we celebrate the new ways that we experienced God while serving. Our view of God is transformed when we experience Him at work through us. These experiences with Him allow us to have a bigger and truer view of who He is.

And fourth, we celebrate the new opportunities God presents The Chapel with greater and deeper impact.

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