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Clean water has the power to change the path of an entire community. As the foundation for life and development, easily-accessible, clean water will improve the overall health, sanitation, education, and livelihoods of families and individuals. For the first time, The Chapel is partnering with Living Water International to send a team to Kenya, Africa!

This team will have an opportunity to not only help this community acquire much-needed clean water but will also be able to share the “Living Water” of Jesus Christ. This 7-day trip will include drilling a well, teaching hygiene lessons, sharing Bible stories, playing with kids, building relationships, and, ultimately, sharing the love of Christ with the people of Kenya.

These well-drilling trips are appropriate for individuals, couples, and Life Groups. The Chapel prefers to send 6-12 people per team. If your Life Group is interested, we can plan a new trip specifically for your group!

If you have questions or want more information on how you can become involved, please email

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