- Connecting in Fused?
It is hard to connect!
Significant relationships don’t just happen; they take a lot of work. We are committed to helping you get connected. Here are a few ideas to help you build stronger relationships and get connected in FUSED.

Come to church...EVERY WEEKEND
Consistency is a great way to get connected in FUSED. Therefore, we encourage you to make the commitment to come every weekend. We know it’s tough! There’s always a reason not to come to church. If you show up every week, two things will happen: (a) You’ll be in the loop with upcoming events, happenings, and hooplas, and (2) you’ll have a greater chance to meet someone and make a personal connection. Show up and be looking to be encouraged spiritually and connected relationally.

Build Friendships
We connect to people, not programs. Programs create a great opportunity to meet others and build friendships. Programs can set the stage for friendships, but only individuals can make them happen. You don’t need a planned “thing” to spend time with a friend. Make a commitment to do your part to develop your friendships.

Stay in the Loop
Make sure you get connected to all that is happening at FUSED. Be sure to:
LIKE us:
Instagram & Twitter: @FUSED_HS
TEXT us: “FUSED” (without quotes) to 41411

Overnight Trips
A few times a year we go away to some place great. Check out what’s happening next and register today.

Serve in a Ministry
A great way to get connected is to “get to work” with others. FUSED & The Chapel need you! The Bible clearly teaches: everyone is gifted and called by God to serve. Serving is a great way to get connected. Talk to your small group leader or Dan to find out ways you can get plugged in.

Let’s Do Lunch!
We will usually plan a spontaneous lunch after church or other times throughout the week. If you get our texts, you’ll know when the next one is happening. If you want to grab a coffee with a FUSED leader, let us know—we’d love to hang out.

Keep Trying, Don’t Give Up!
It may seem like everyone else is connected, but no one knows everyone in our FUSED. If you are feeling disconnected, we get it, it’s totally normal. You may feel like you’re an outsider, but the truth is that everyone was an “outsider” at one point. Jump in with both feet and work building some deeper connections with others.
- How to spend time with god?
- Every great relationship requires time in order to grow, and it’s the same for our friendship with Jesus. God wants us to spend time with him! Here are some ideas to help you connect with God on your own:

  1. Choose a TIME when you are at your best. If you are a morning person, spend time with God in the morning. The idea is to be with God when we are most alert and ready to hear him speak.

  2. Pick a PLACE where you won’t be distracted. Our world is FILLED with interruptions. Disconnect from the world…Facebook will still be there when you are done.

  3. Set a GOAL that’s realistic. Building the habit of a regular quiet time is difficult, so start with what you can handle. You may start with five minutes a day, two times a week. Eventually, it would be great to spend time with God once a day!

Ok. So. Now What?

Prayer can be defined as “simple communication with God.” You don’t need to know anything special to be able to talk to God. Anyone can! So share what’s on your heart. When we pray, we have more peace and less anxiety. We find more wisdom and make better decisions. God wants to hear what you have to say, and he wants to speak to you, too!

Read your Bible.
The Bible is God’s love letter to us. By reading it, we learn how God wants us to live and his purpose for our lives. Sometimes it’s good to read just a few verses, other times you’ll want to read multiple chapters. Do what’s best for you. We suggest you begin with the Gospel of Mark, so you can learn about Jesus. After that, check out Genesis, then Philippians, and John. After that, if you need some more suggestions, ask your small group leader or another leader in FUSED.

Express your thoughts, feelings, learnings, prayers, questions and anything else about your spiritual life. Writing helps us explore what we’re learning from God.
- What is the secret to getting connected to fused
- Anytime someone is new to a ministry or any group of people, there can be some fear and uneasiness. We’ve all been the new person before and no one likes it. So, how do you get past that, or help someone else get past that feeling of “I’m not a part of the group”?

Over the course of many years of helping people connect to groups, we have seen that the best approach is “The Rule of 4 Weeks”.

There may be a lot of things that you don't yet know about this new group, but the group also doesn’t know very much about you. Both sides of this equation need some time to figure each other out. The Group is going to be there, you need to make yourself, the new person, a regular part of the group for at least 4 WEEKS of the normal meeting schedule.

This does a few things. First, it communicates to the group that you are here and wanting to be a part of things. Honestly, when new people come regularly it is just as hard for the group to know who is sticking around as it is for the new person to know who they can stick with. Second, it allows both parties to get past first impressions. First impressions are great, but who we are is established over time, not in an instant. You might be a very outgoing person, but when you are new, you might appear as quiet and shy. Lastly, coming for 4 weeks helps the new person to gain some confidence in the regular patterns and schedules of the group. Who stands where?
When do we sit, stand, laugh, or pray? Your confidence in these patterns helps you to see past your own uncertainties and really enjoy the group and activities for what they are.

One last part of this rule, it is only really effective if it is 4 weeks in a row. Coming once a month for four months, isn’t bad, but it's more likely to give you the experience of being the new person four times. I know we’ve given you the explanation of this rule, but there just seems to be something a little bit magical when it is followed. Something seems to change after 4 weeks. The ice begins to melt, you start to look at the whole experience different and it becomes so much easier to feel comfortable and a part of things.

P.S. If you’d like this process to work faster, there is only one silver bullet solution that can jump start, and move you faster than the Rule of 4 Weeks. Go on an OVERNIGHT trip. For more on that look for our article on “Why we do overnight trips.”

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