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The Chapel has sent teams to China for almost a decade, focusing on orphan care and business mentoring relationships. Our partners have faithfully served the people of China, and it has been a privilege to see the results, firsthand.

What we do in China


The Chapel desires to assist our partners in China and support them. Unfortunately, government requirements and partner needs have made our general participation increasingly difficult. However, there is an increasing need for medical teams.


China has a large and growing population of educated young people who are looking to develop leadership skills and character as it pertains to business. Teams have the opportunity to present and lead a business seminar with small group breakout sessions for area young adults and college students. The seminar will focus on core business principles but will also allow for new relationships and future business mentoring opportunities for our partners.

Our trips to China involve a long day of travel to and from the country and require cultural sensitivity.

God is doing exciting work in the country of China and we get to join Him in His work!

If you have questions or want more information on how you can become involved, please email

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